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WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API is an integration directly with the WhatsApp API, unlike the Business API where you connect through a provider. The goal of the tool is to simplify the work for businesses: you can get access in 1 day and not spend on buying a server or contacting a provider.
To use WhatsApp Cloud API you need integration with the contact center. 

We provide services to quickly set up WhatsApp Cloud API (in 1 day !!!) and connect one of the world's best cloud omnichannel contact centers with built-in, convenient and functional CRM from Jivo.

Benefits of integrating Jivo and WhatsApp Cloud API

Direct integration

With Jivo and WhatsApp Cloud API integration, you connect your WhatsApp channel without intermediaries and pay for traffic directly to Meta. The first 1000 incoming chats per month are free.

Voice messaging support

Support customers who prefer to communicate by voice. Use the familiar way of recording, sending and listening. Recorded voice messages are stored in the Jivo chat archive for as long as your account exists.

User-friendly interface with response templates.

Use the ability to be the first to start a chat with a customer via approved Facebook templates (including modifiable templates). Price varies by country.

Chatbots to stay connected 24/7

Chatbot responds instantly after hours and during peak hours. Provides call information, identifies needs and captures contact information to pass the customer to an agent.

Process customer inquiries faster.

The customer clicks a button on the website or writes a WhatsApp message to the phone number you have provided on the website or social media. All messages will appear in the JivoChat app and agents will be able to work with them immediately.

Secure data storage

Communication with customers takes place in the JivoChat app rather than on employees' phones. Accordingly, all data is stored in the company account. If an employee quits, he or she will not be able to access customer messages and contacts.

Verify details and increase sales

If an agent needs to verify order details, send documents or show product photos, they can send a WhatsApp message directly from the JivoChat app.

Work in a team

An agent can always invite teammates who have the information the customer needs.

Single number for WhatsApp and other channels

Too much spam comes from unfamiliar numbers. A single number across all channels is better memorized, builds trust, and increases customer loyalty to your messages and calls.

Monitor agent performance

Now you know exactly how your team is performing. Track response rates, number of missed chats, agent workload, and more.

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