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CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)

We have tested dozens of the most popular CRMs around the world and according to the combination of parameters we have chosen the most convenient and functional (in our opinion, and the opinion of our customers) cloud CRM from "Jivo", integrated with one of the world's best cloud omnichannel contact centers and with the ability to directly integrate WhatsApp Cloud API in 1 day!!! . You can try all the functionality for free, just write to us.

Bonuses are available for all our customers under Jivo affiliate program

(professional tariff for 5 operators free for a month by promo code "EMPIRE" or by clicking on the link)

Key benefits and features of Jivo CRM:

Stay in touch with your sales

No more lost inquiries - all requests from all channels
are automatically saved in Jivo CRM.


Keep track of the deal - make sure you've done everything you can to make the sale

Combine your everyday business tools into one system
Integrate Jivo CRM with the messengers, social networks, payment systems, CMS systems and chat rooms you need without additional integration fees.

Collect all your customers in one place

Import your current and new customers to schedule contacts, track deals, communicate via calls, emails, SMS and messengers directly from Jivo.

Customize your pipeline

Add pipeline stages according to your sales process. You can create multiple funnels if your company has different sales scenarios.

Turn dialogs into deals

In Jivo CRM, you can close a deal right in the chat room
with a customer. Correct comments, mark the current
the work in progress.

Focus on the action

Did the customer take a break to think?
Don't rely on the customer's initiative, take action yourself. Schedule calls, emails and meetings that will lead you to your goal.

Track reports to maximize your profits

In Jivo CRM, you can track your business hours, response times, number of unread messages and reasons for bounce rates. 

Find the weaknesses in your sales funnel and optimize your entire workflow to drive revenue growth.

Mobile app for Android and iOS

Push notifications won't let you miss an order, even when you're stuck in traffic. Set up a web version so you can work in a cafe, on the couch, or anywhere else.

Jivo is a popular mobile app for customer support.

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