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Business consulting

When you order any services from our company, you will get much more than just web design or ad customization... We will share our own successful business experience and useful knowledge with you free of charge.

Our team is constantly training and improving their skills in business promotion.

A little bit of us.

Our group of companies has been in existence since 2013. We have launched more than 30 business lines in different countries. Among the largest business lines are a federal transportation company, an international network of online travel agencies, providing security for celebrities, providing translators for international government delegations, a network of psycho-physiological diagnostic centers, online stores, beauty salons, spas, model agencies, event agencies, production studios, construction companies, trading companies and of course web studios.

Thanks to the luxurious design of our sites and their active promotion, we were able to attract many VIP-clients in our areas: celebrities, artists, musicians, TV presenters, as well as large companies, state corporations and embassies (including embassies of Brazil, India, South Africa, China, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and other countries). 

Thanks to our luxurious websites we have received orders for servicing major international events, summits (including SCO and BRICS), forums, festivals and sports championships (including European and World Championships).

We value our reputation and do business responsibly and with integrity. 

It is important for us that our clients are always satisfied with our work and become our permanent partners, so we try to apply an individual approach and do more than what is expected of us. 

We have a very high speed of work and we do not take a lot of projects at the same time, thanks to this we save time of clients (because it is the most valuable resource). 

We do what we do with pleasure and take a new project only when the client sees our advantages and appreciates our approach. 

If you like our portfolio and our conditions (in which you do not risk anything, because we do not take an advance payment and act in the interests of clients), we will gladly help you in promoting your business.

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