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Contact Center

We have tested dozens of the most popular services all over the world and, based on a combination of parameters, have chosen the most convenient (in our opinion and the opinion of our clients) cloud solution for a modern omnichannel contact center from Jivo. You can try all the functionality for free, just write to us.

Bonuses are available for all our customers under Jivo affiliate program

(professional tariff for 5 operators free for a month by promo code "EMPIRE" or by clicking on the link)

Key benefits and features of Jivo Contact Center:

1. Multichannel:

Jivo allows you to communicate with your customers across multiple channels such as IP telephony, email, online chat on your website, social media (Facebook, Instagram), messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), Apple Business Chat, video calls and even SMS. This allows businesses to be in touch with their customers at any time and take orders or answer questions immediately, without having to switch between different platforms.

2. User-friendly interface:

Jivo has an intuitive and easily customizable interface. All necessary functions and settings are available on the main dashboard, allowing you to quickly track new requests, edit message templates and customize rules for handling requests.

3. Operator Dashboard:


Jivo Contact Center provides operators with a convenient dashboard where they can see all active dialogs, customer information and previous messages, as well as have the ability to assign personal tasks and share internal notes with colleagues.

4. Automation:


Jivo allows you to automate many tasks, such as greeting site visitors with an automated message, sending answers to popular questions through ready-made templates, distributing requests between operators and even collecting feedback from customers after the end of a dialog. This greatly simplifies the work of operators and saves time.


5. Analytics and Reporting:


Jivo provides detailed analytical information and reports on various parameters such as number of calls, response time, duration of dialogs, agent efficiency, etc. This information helps businesses to analyze contact center performance and take steps to improve service quality.

6. Integrations:

Jivo can be integrated with other business tools such as CRM systems, email services, data analytics systems and others. This allows you to automate data transfer and improve operational efficiency.

7. IP Telephony, callback and delayed call.

Jivo has all the features of a virtual PBX. You can connect your existing number to Jivo or buy a new virtual number from more than 50 countries (One phone number fee from 1$/month, and the cost of calls from 0.02$/minute). There is a voice greeting, IVR-menu, call recording, call forwarding, call distribution. You can receive calls not only on your computer, but also in the mobile application. You can also receive calls directly from the online chat widget on the website. Customers will also be able to order a callback, both fast (within 28 seconds) and delayed (scheduled for a certain time).   

8. Video calls

Call customers using video to show your product, or share a screen to help faster right in JivoChat. You can call customers and show them how to solve a problem on screen instead of sending screenshots back and forth. Customers don't have to install any additional software - communication happens right through the browser.

9. Team chats

Chat one-on-one, create groups, send messages and files, and manage access to business conversations in Jivo Team Chats. Unlike conventional messengers, Jivo stores all chats on secure servers (not on employee devices), keeping employee access rights under company control.

10. Chatbots

Chatbot for sales optimization
Salespeople have to handle a huge number of inquiries, but not every visitor is ready to become a customer.
A chatbot qualifies the user and shares information to make a decision, collects contacts and passes the "warmed up" customer to the operator.
So you can only work with customers who are ready to buy!

11. Direct integration with WhatsApp Cloud API in 1 day!!!

With Jivo and WhatsApp Cloud API integration, you connect your WhatsApp channel without intermediaries and pay for traffic directly to Meta. The first 1000 incoming chats per month are free. Voice messaging support.
User-friendly interface with response templates.
Use the opportunity to be the first to start a chat with a customer through approved Facebook templates (including modifiable templates). Price varies by country.
Chatbots to stay connected 24/7
Chatbot responds instantly after hours and during peak hours. Provides call information, identifies needs and captures contact information to pass the customer to an agent.
Secure data storage
Communication with customers takes place on the JivoChat app rather than on employee phones. Accordingly, all data is stored in the company account. If an employee quits, he or she will not be able to access customer messages and contacts.
Work in a team
An agent can always invite teammates who have the information the client needs.

12. Multilingualism and built-in chat translator: 

Jivo supports multilingualism, which allows you to communicate with your customers in their native language. This is especially useful for companies that have customer bases in different countries. Jivo also has a built-in chat translator.

JivoContact Center is a complete solution that helps businesses improve their service function, customer satisfaction and sales.

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