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PPC ("Pay per click" - Contextual advertising)

Advantages of ordering advertising customization services in our web studio


1) The cost of the initial setup of the advertising campaign in many cases is compensated to clients by receiving a bonus from Google

2) We work without prepayment, and if after the first week of the test advertising observed mass scrolling robots ("click fraud") (launched by competitors), then we do not take payment from clients at all!!!!

There is NO real working method of full protection against this ("click fraud") in the world!!! 
All those who offer you protection against "click fraud", just deceive you and cheat you out of your money..... We have tested all known services and program complexes.... And all of them only block suspicious IP-addresses from which fraudulent clicks are made by robots ("click fraud"), but it makes no sense, because the money for these clicks will be deducted from you by google anyway, and robots use dynamic IPs (that is constantly changing), so no suspicious IP bases will not protect you....  Theoretically it is possible to send to google tech support a report on suspicious clicks ("click fraud"), which you will receive from a paid service - antifraud, but support responds to messages very long and not willingly, and claims usually that they have many degrees of protection against fraud....  Therefore, if in your line of business in a certain region at a certain time there is a mass scrolling ("click fraud"), it is better to choose another advertising channel.


 3) We work in a fully transparent and open manner. We tell and show the customer about all stages of work and explain in detail what to pay attention to and where the risks are. 

4) We use only the most accurate manual settings and do not use Google recommendations, which can lead to inefficient budget spending.

5) We use several analytics services simultaneously and monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign on a daily basis. Thanks to such comprehensive analytics, we get the most detailed information and can even show video recordings of site visits (thanks to which you can most accurately distinguish live customers from robots).

6) We use only those keyword phrases for which there were real relevant search queries for the last year according to Google keyword planner (not all theoretically possible words, most of which will never show ads).

7) We daily analyze what search queries Google considered relevant to our keywords and showed our ads on them, and block untargeted queries. And constantly optimize advertising campaigns.

We customize Google ads only for sites created by us, because before running Google ads we will need to set up landing pages to which customers will go. To maximize the effectiveness of Google ads, these pages should be as relevant to the ads as possible, and contain keyword phrases in titles, in the text, in descriptions, in page url addresses, in meta descriptions, in alt-texts of pictures and videos and everywhere else possible. 


1) Start by analyzing the possible variants of target audience settings on Facebook for the advertised goods or services 

2) Create different ad campaigns with different strategies, settings and different ad groups for each audience variant

3) Create several variants of attractive ads with luxury creatives (promotional videos) and sales texts.

4) Connect multiple types of analytics (not just Facebook/Linkedin pixel) and track customer behavior in detail on a daily basis

5) Based on tests of ad campaigns with different settings, we analyze the effectiveness and optimize.

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